We provide end-to-end engineering solutions ranging from introduction, technical documentation, and engineering design and analysis. We also render support for technical infrastructure such as product lifecycle management and automated work flow customization.

we provide state-of-the-art mechanical,automotive engineering services to global clients.


First Feet Trading, a sourcing arm of First Feet provides procurement solutions from China & India to companies across the globe. First Feet Trading is a global sourcing house which connects buyers with the most reputed network of suppliers to find the right source to meet business needs technically and commercially.

Our end-to-end solutions include developing product specifications, ensuring quality checks, handling documentation, identifying suppliers, managing supplier negotiations and providing complete shipping support. The highest quality standards, unrivalled services, excellent rapport and an ethical work environment continue to be the driving forces behind all our operations.

Our services includes:

 Supplier Management

 Price Negotiation

 Sampling and Model Production

 Tooling Production

 Program Management

 Integrated Supply Chain Management

 Logistics Management


Our Strategic Sourcing Solutions exposes you to our list of globally renowned competitive suppliers with whom you can effectively manage supply chains and supplier relationships.Our key competence lies in sourcing, procurement and supplier quality assurance thereby becoming your extended arm to have best in quality product.Our services also include product-design and development, product and vendor sourcing, vendor compliance and audits and production management

What do we provide?

 Localization of the high cost import spares

 Lifecycle management of the localized spares

 Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

 Supplier Audit and quality requirement compliance

 Managing Complex Manufacturing costs

 Managing Operating Costs and Spare parts costs

 Streamlined Procurement process

 Identification and location of new sources of supply

What are the benefits?

 Ease of work flow and better collaboration with suppliers

 Qualitative sourcing and procurement processes

 Lowered operating cost with improved spend insights

 Supplier Audit and compliance mandates

Our Manufacturing Customers Include:

 Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers

 Heavy and Automotive Equipment Manufacturers

 Industrial, Electrical, and Mechanical Equipment Makers

 Energy, Oil, and Gas Equipment Providers and Distributors


Simulation bridges the boundaries of innovation and widens the gap against any other system design software available in the industry. Our simulation services for the manufacturing industry gives you a holistic view encompassing all of your production line thereby giving you a good dimensional view on the existing systems and the training capabilities. We are known for being the unique simulation solution covering all project/machine technologies including hydraulics, pneumatics and control.

Simulation of Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system simulation solution offers also a powerful and unique tool containing the basic building blocks of any hydromechanical system. The hydraulic system simulation solution is also dedicated to the analysis of the evolution of pressure drops and flow rates in hydraulic networks. Evaluating pressure drops and the distribution of flow rates through a circuit and modifying the hydraulics systems design is very easy and intuitive.